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Bringing People, Ideas ... and Plants Together


The people behind U-Grow Rentals is an unlikely group of professionals who have found their way together by accident – almost literally. The “Serial Entrepreneurs” who have created the U-Grow roadmap have one predominantly common trait among them: a healthy dose of past reality checks that brought them U-Grow. Trials and errors have dotted their pasts and mapped their futures, until they found themselves together with their next most predominant trait in common: A realization that the medical industry as we knew it was over; together they realized just what stood before them.


Now, we want to share our wisdom with others. The marriage of technology and agriculture was already a big opportunity before Marijuana became legal; now, the marriage of technology and Cannabis is already reverberating throughout the medical industry. Regardless of your perspective, everybody likes choice – especially if you have little other medical recourse. We want to help people realize these choices.


In short, in can be said that the individuals who make up U-Grow are investors, public advocates,

scientists and patients. Effectively, U-Grow Rentals is a set of partners looking to expand that

partnership....we welcome your voice.


Roland Cordova, Founder & President:


Roland is the epitome of the entrepreneur; he realized at a very young age that being told what to do meant he was on the wrong side of the conversation. At this young stage he got his introduction into business by selling imported tools out of the trunk of his car – driving throughout all major metropolitan areas in California and even into Washington State. He would sell to various independent mechanics and small businesses that used tools that he specialized in.


Since then he has started several businesses, and each one has been a marked success. One of his companies was so successful that it attracted Los Angeles media outlet KTLA, who aired his story on its featured series, “Making it – Minority Success Stories,” hosted by Larry McCormick. Here is a summary of his portfolio of companies – all of which were incubated from scratch (no outside funding):


1973-1990 President and founder of Industrial Rubber Inc. Negotiated a contract with Gates Rubber Co. to produce and “private-label” a pneumatic hose that is used in auto repair. His average order to Gates was a million feet at a time and his company distributed the product via telemarketing at a national level. The company employed over 30 people most being telemarketers that Roland hired, trained, and mentored.


1975-2001 President and founder of California Diversion Safes. This is a manufacturing facility in Los Angeles that turned everyday household products into clever, innovative and secure mini-safes where the inside chamber of the products was concealed from typical visual inspection. Contracts were negotiated with national brand companies to use their labels, which are typically their most valuable asset. Sales were achieved through a large telemarketing team that Roland hiring, training, and oversight of 2 shifts daily selling all over the United States.


2002-2004 President and founder of Oxy-Health Corporation. Roland’s company introduced a new form of Medical equipment called “Portable Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen”. He negotiated an exclusive marketing agreement with Bird Products, a division of Thermal Respiratory Group. This is the largest manufacturer of Respiratory equipment in the United States. Within two years, gross sales exceeded $2 million.


2006-2009 President and founder of Institute for Life extension. Certified by I-act (International association of Colon Therapists), this is was the first teaching facility on the west coast to train in Colon Hydro therapy. Over 150 students attended Roland’s training courses, where they were taught how to start and run their own clinics. Roland’s main duties included accreditation, hiring teachers, signing up the students, marketing, training, testing and mentoring.

2010-2014 President and founder of Healing Waters Inc. Opened a number of health facilities that specialized in the cleansing of the large intestine. In Las Vegas and Los Angeles, colon cleansing is particularly popular as a healthful and preventive measure.


Rob Wright, Director Of Operations:

Rob Wright was the Head of Production for The Grove, a Las Vegas based medical marijuana company with four state licenses in Southern Nevada. He was responsible for overseeing the production of concentrates and edibles as well as keeping current with new and innovative processing methods and products at this state-of-the-art 32,000 square foot facility. He has been coined with the alias, “Oil Genie,” in the industry for his creative ways in achieving what is now the new industry standard for the expectations medical patients have in quality and potency. His innovative process and groundbreaking results were recently submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest lab tested, CO2 extracted oil ever recorded. Awaiting final confirmation as this was written.


G3 Labs, LLC, a recognized scientific authority in this field, has stated the following:


"The staff of G3 Labs, LLC is excited to report that Mr. Rob Wright of The Grove in Las Vegas, Nevada has achieved a near perfect level of performance in Cannabis oil extract production.


Mr. Wright produces two lines of premium, supercritical CO2 extracted cannabis oils at the moment, the Reserve and the Craft Reserve. The Reserve extract he's producing tests consistently well above 70% THC, and often into the mid 80% levels, whereas the Craft Reserve line is noticeably higher. G3 Labs has had the pleasure of analyzing these products since the beginning of operations at The Grove’s production facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. The results consistently demonstrate the highest of quality, and always free from impurities other than natural byproducts of Cannabis. The Craft line is produced following proprietary formulas to extract the purest, cleanest, and clearest oils that consistently test at percentages reaching the low 90% THC/cannabinoid levels as a full spectrum product.


Rob Wright is enhancing his processes aiming for a record-high level of potency, and our staff is looking forward to analyzing his product and to share in the excitement of his achievements. Mr. Wright maintains a close relationship with the laboratory to ensure quality control and to fine tune his methods. Currently, Robbie Wright’s Craft Reserve oils are the highest testing CO2 oils ever processed at G3 Labs LLC and we look forward to helping him continue to hone his craft."


A native of Southern California, Rob Wright graduated from the University of North Florida with a B.A. in International Relations/Studies, while also minoring and maintaining his fluency in Spanish. He then served as a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, with special operations missions that included Afghanistan and other overseas combat deployments. Rob was also selected by senior Marine Corps commanders for the elite U.S. Army's Ranger and Airborne Schools where he excelled and graduated in the top 5% of his class.



Jody Connacher, Director of Investor Relations:


Jody is a visionary when it comes to new and life-changing trends. Understanding the incredible value of word of mouth advertising and networking, she has used these skills to help her become one of the top producers year after year for 6 years straight in her previous job in sales and also one of the top producers with a national networking company, having 1000’s of clients in her inner circle. Her passion for helping others and her genuine love for people has made her a driving force and leader in her previous sales industry and also in the health and wellness industry.


Due to Jody’s success, her ability and reputation has allowed her to meet, work with and mentor many business professionals. Which has resulted in all of them achieving greater personal health and/or helping connect them to potential investments and opportunities.


Jody stays on the leading edge for learning about all things holistic that would improve ones longevity and vitality. Once discovering the research and stories of the medical benefits of the cannabis plant on such things as cancer, anxiety, PTSD, epilepsy and other debilitating disorders, she is convinced that cannabis holds the power to improve the lives of millions of people.


Because of her vast knowledge with health, her experience with high volume sales and leading teams, coupled with her ability to network with others using authenticity and integrity, she is a valuable asset and driving force to the growth of U-Grow Rentals LLC.

Law Offices of Omar Figueroa, Outside Legal Counsel:


U-Grow has retained the law firm of renowned legal expert Omar Figueroa to ensure that U-Grow’s activities are in strict compliance with state laws and regulations, as well as local ordinances.


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