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There’s a new way to laugh all the way to the bank….


Q: What do you get when you combine a soaring self-storage renaissance ($32.7B with 3.5% forecast CAGR) with the dawning of the cannabis industry ($5.0B with 33.5% forecast CAGAR)?


A: Opportunities like U-Grow Rentals


  •  A U-Grow Rental facility is either a greenfield or brownfield development with over a thousand 10’ x 10’ pods or grow-rooms with floor space that is legally equivalent to self-storage spacesGrowers can then pack the space with all the technology they want.

  •  Prop 64 mandates that Cities cannot ban personal indoor cultivation (six plant maximum); however, they can “…reasonably regulate …” this activity.

  •  Each new U-Grow facility will partner with the City in which it resides, allowing the pod renters to be automatically compliant with City and State marijuana laws. City permitting will incentivize citizens to choose U-Grow over their homes for several reasons – but the primary one is that it allows the City to consolidate, simplify and streamline their State conformance requirements set forth by the passing of Prop 64.

  •  Cultivators will love the on-site U-Grow Master Grower expertise and the hands-off risk mitigation (theft, fire, authority snooping, etc.)

  •  Meanwhile, neighborhoods will like the U-Grow off-site option and can even incorporate it into their association bylaws.

  •  A common City Template is repeated across California; for the home-grower Prop 64 mandate, the stack of State marijuana legal paperwork is nicely packaged and policed into each new U- Grow facility.

  • U-Grow’s close involvement with the League of California Cities and California State

     Association of Counties is helping to spread the word.


Please click HERE  } for a copy of the business plan. The quality of our investors is important to us, and we

look forward to hearing from you. Please kindly provide minimum contact info in the spaces below so

that we can reach out to you about this truly one-of-a-kind opportunity.

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