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From Serving our Country… to Serving U-Grow’s patients

while We Serve Their Careers

A core part of U-Grow’s mission is ensuring the well-being of our nation’s Veterans – and to go well beyond simply supporting their access to high quality medical cannabis. U.S. Veterans play a critical role in U-Grow’s business model.  U-Grow Rentals has formed a strategic alliance with Veterans Canna-Biz (VCB) (, the first-of-its-kind, full-service U.S. Veterans’ Career Development program dedicated to the Cannabis Industry.

This means that every U-Grow employee and every Master Grower is 1.) a U.S. Veteran and 2.) Trained and Certified through VCB’s industry-accredited curriculum. U-Grow is prepared to go all-in on a Veteran-only staff, and we can’t think of a more fitting way to show our faith in their work and our appreciation for their service. The benefits for both the Veterans and U-Grow’s clients are attractive:


  • Workplace with camaraderie

  • Reputable and lucrative position

  • An industry with multiple pathways forward

U-Grow Clients:

  • Certified Growers

  • Vetted Backgrounds

  • Respectful Service & Culture

U-Grow’s special partnership with Veterans Canna-Biz presents an unusual opportunity to bring together like-minded participants who can be part of something that truly results in a value proposition greater than the sum of the individuals on their own.

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