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California City Attorneys Are Ready to Simplify their Marijuana Mandate.


482 California Municipalities are faced with a January 2018 deadline to allow their citizens the privilege of personal marijuana cultivation via newly enacted State legislation or not. Why not take the preferred way out?

Partner with U-Grow Rentals. A U-Grow facility in your City consolidates private-residence, non-commercial growers (6-Plant maximum) into a single, manageable facility:

  • “Reasonably Regulate” home cultivation to permit the U-Grow 10 ft. x10 ft. rental pods in lieu of house-based set-ups.

  • Simplify cultivation-based law enforcement to the oversight of a single U-Grow facility instead of thousands of residences for:

           -Verifying six-plant limit

           -Ensuring fire risks and hazards and kept to a minimum

           -Preventing biohazards like mold accumulation

           -Overseeing reasonable water utilization

           -Minimize instances of black market operations or other unwelcomed peripheral activity

  • Issue City-level Cultivation Permits that give the citizens the option of using a U-Grow rental space but with an incentive to do so:

            -Non-U- Grow permits will be more expensive (rightfully so, due to the extra resources for enforcement)

            -Non-U- Grow permits will be more demanding (rightfully so, due to the extra risks for non-conformance)

            -Provide a Property Tax Break for U-Grow permit holders as an extra incentive to choose U-Grow Rentals.

U-Grow Rentals will propose, develop and FINANCE the new facility to the City’s desired


Do what other California Cities are doing!

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