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Did you know that the “Bible” for Medical Marijuana Growers is 1,200 pages long?

Even if you knew that, thanks for continuing to read…. In January of 2018, personal indoor cultivation (six-plant maximum) will become a legalized reality. For many, this also means coming to terms with the reality that squeezing several years’ worth of learning and experience into the next few months is not practical – that is, if high-quality plants are your goal. If you choose to lease space from U-Grow, then these resources are available at your convenience and at your fingertips:


  • 10' x 10' Secured pod/walk-in room

  • Master growers with many years of experience

  • Strain specialization (i.e. THC vs. CBD)

  • Equipment and automation specification of your choice (customize at your will)

  • 24 hour video access via webcam video

  • Armed guard protection

  • Post-processing resources (oils, edibles, tinctures, teas, other)

Ok, ok, ok … you can do all this yourself… however, here’s what you can’t do:

  • Avoid unwanted neighbor attention. Neighbors now have the right to sue you just for the smell of your grow.

  • Avoid regular Government inspection at your home/dwelling

  • Avoid fire risk

  • Avoid theft or intruder risk

  • Avoid much higher payments in marijuana-based licenses, fees and taxes [connected to the tax/fee incentive from the City pitch above]


A U-Grow Rental pod is your answer; it is legally treated the same as any other rentable storage space.

You can customize every aspect of the inside of your space and let U-Grow’s staff help you along the

way – or come by appointment ONLY.


U-Grow has contracted with the City to make regular inspections on a routine basis as they see fit – and

without hassle to you. By renting a U-Grow space, you are automatically complying with City



As the January 2018 deadline for City implementation of State law nears, we need your help. If your

municipality is not currently working with U-Grow to implement a facility, please contact us to help get

your voice heard to make sure you City officials are aware of this innovative program. Best of all, when

you contact us, you will be put on a wait list to make sure that you have a spot in the new facility; facility

size will be limited to a certain number of pods based on the City’s wishes.


We have designed an easy to use U-Grow Rentals App that you can use upon renting your grow space to use to view your grow 24/7 in LIVE HD, receive constant updates on your grow and also message back and forth between you and your Master Grower! This app will be constantly updating to give you the most hands on experience and give you the constant peace of mind your grow is in good hands.


We have designed the U-Grow app to be simple, clean and so easy to use! Straight from the home screen you can view your grow LIVE in FULL HD, view updates and send and  also recieve messages from your Master Grower. With our easy to use app, your grow is in the palm of your hands!


Is your busy schedule keeping you from checking the U-Grow app and viewing your grow and the updates that happen? No problem, We have an easy to use Calendar View where you can go all the back to the first day of your grow to view any updates or progress you have missed! 


We believe the best feature of the app is the ability to connect with your Master Grower to ask or answer question you may come across. But we have made it to where you can message with the entire U-Grow community. Ask any questions and receive questions from every client around the U.S. This way you can say up to date with the latest trends. Receive tips and even compare grows!  The U-Grow app has this and many more unique features to explore!


Fill out this short form and we will email you when your city has been approved!



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